Over Zenit

Onze missie is om organisaties te helpen hun ware doelen te realiseren. We verbinden business met technologie en zorgen ervoor dat strategie in uitvoering wordt gebracht. Met onze oplossingen maken we onze klanten wendbaar en flexibel en geven we hen volledige regie over hun processen.

About Zenit

Our mission is to help organizations achieve their true goals. We connect business with technology and help to close the gap between strategy and execution. We help our customers to become extremely agile and adaptive organizations with full control of their company processes. We digitize processes and enable people to do the work that drives their passion.





We help to understand the problem 
For every assignment we carry out a thorough analysis of the organization. We indicate difficulties and build a map of the organization’s processes and archticture. We get to the bottom of a case to understand the fundamental problem and are able to assess it from a holistic point of view. 

We design solutions
With a strong vision on enterprise architecture and the use of technology, we design solutions and transform business goals into process models and effective applications. To do this we use a digital platform of technological components and generic applications. This way our solutions can be integrated quickly and flexibly with the customer’s application landscape and the optimized processes can be controlled from a central point.

We manage the execution
With a core team of experienced professionals and emerging talent we manage the development and implementation of our solutions. We work with dedicated partners for technological integrations and for the hosting and support of our platform. We ensure top quality and demand the most of anyone who works with us. We care for clear and transparent communication and during the execution we try to relieve the customer as much as we can. 

Onze mensen

Our people

Marc de Goeij
Werner de Jonge
Erik Möller
Henk Willem Tiktak
Nathalie Hugenholtz
Pepijn Tiktak
a:  Postbus 1332, 1000 BH Amsterdam
e:  info@zenit.global
t:   +316 5339 0935

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