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Zenit combines the implementation of a fully tailored Enterprise Control System (ECS) with the assistance in organization design and process optimization. We work intensively with our clients to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and design a robust new structure built around the ECS. We help our clients to become high quality, sustainable organizations with major competitive advantages.

Improving performance
Zenit has been on the frontier of automation and Enterprise Control. We have developed a lean and flexible technology that can improve performance in any organization or industry. The ECS consists of a framework that links and controls all systems and applications in the organization. This framework involves components such as process management, customer relationship management, content management and static database functionality. Through the ECS performance can be heavily improved by formalizing, automating and controlling process steps at all levels of the organization.

Enhancing infrastructure
As the ECS links all systems and applications from front-office to back-office, it enables cherry picking between different functions: Differentiation and customization in the front-office and stability and efficiency in the back-office. The ECS does this without a complex network of API’s and with easy acquirement and disposal of specific applications or SaaS. It relieves an organization of all differentiation and compatibility problems and greatly enhances the organization’s information infrastructure.

Redesigning the organization
Besides from the quickly added value we deliver with the ECS, we help our clients redesign their organizational structure to ensure sustained performance. The ‘ECS vision’ encompasses not only the product itself but also a different approach to organization design. Our design solutions make organizations more adaptive and more manageable and give them the ability to sustain in an increasingly competitive world.

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